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Why Soil Link

Soil Link's Materials Exchange Platform (MEP) is an innovative digital solution for the construction sector. Offering an easy-to-use web app that facilitates reuse and recycling of soils and aggregates on a national scale. The platform exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to construction practices, aligning with the imperative goals of reducing waste, promoting the circular economy and reducing costs.

Circular Economy

Reuse and recycle to reduce reliance on landfill, CO2e and depletion of natural resource.

Cost Saving

On average users save 26% of costs versus traditional methods.

National network

Our national network is available to all users.

Free to Register

Access the marketplace free of charge.

Easy to use

Save time and hassle by using the digital platform to move your materials.

Sales Opportunities

Grow your business with increased opportunities.

  • Topsoil

  • Subsoil

  • Aggregates

  • Topsoil

  • Subsoil

  • Aggregates


The Soil Link marketplace offers a diverse selection of materials in varying quantities, spanning from hundreds of cubic metres to millions of cubic meters from certified BS3882 topsoil to 6F5. Our expansive national network ensures that users can access these materials locally while enjoying the advantages of a comprehensive supply chain on a national level. Whether you require a small or large quantity, our network is equipped to meet your specific material needs efficiently and at scale.

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How Soil Link
Works for you

Soil Link fosters cooperation among all stakeholders engaged in the production, movement and utilisation of soils and aggregates. Our objective is to facilitate the inclusion of all material types within our extensive network of sites and facilities. By bridging the gap between contractors, developers, hauliers, recycling facilities and suppliers never has it been more achievable to re-use and recycle construction materials.

Contractors & Developers

Earthworkers & Groundworkers

Hauliers & Suppliers

Recycling & Processing Facilities

Gary May BAM Construction

Soil Link have undertaken the turnkey soil disposal works for us at our sky studios project, for which they completed in a professional and diligent manner, to no fuss or inconvenience to BAM and our other sub-contractors. Soil Link worked independently completing the works ahead of programme and for the agreed sub-contract sum. BAM would be looking to use Soil Link again in the future.

Mohammed Patel Quantity Surveyor at Equans / ENGIE

Following a detailed pre-construction process, Engie / Equans appointed Soil Link for the contracts at the Kingston University, Seething Wells and Kingston Hill Campus. Due to the nature of working on two live University campuses, the onus on Health & Safety and site conduct had to be paramount to safeguard the students. Throughout contract(s), Soil Link were both professional and conscientious especially when using heavy plant and machinery. I would highly recommend Soil Link, based on our experience at Engie / Equans.

Holly Gardiner Associate Land & Planning Director at Wates

Soil Link (Amet Contracting Group Ltd) carried out enabling works for our 15 acre development site in Sussex. Amongst the other benefits of using Soil Link, as part of the Amet Contracting Group Ltd they delivered the ecology mitigation works and vegetation clearance to enable the earthworks.

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