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Construction industry's platform of choice.

Soil Link is the industry leading, FREE, Material Link Platform (MLP). Enabling access to millions of tonnes of Soils and Aggregates through our extensive network of donor and receptor sites, to facilitate target Net Zero through circular economy.

  • Topsoil

  • Subsoil

  • Aggregates

  • Topsoil

  • Subsoil

  • Aggregates

Whatever you need, we are the link

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How it works

Step 1

Register your surplus or required material using the ‘Get Started’ button.

Step 2

Soil Link will collect all relevant technical information ready for your listing to go live on the database.

Step 3

Once your listing goes live, Soil Link will initiate the linking process with suitable options.

Step 4

Soil Link will manage the due diligence process to ensure all parties are environmentally and legally compliant.

Step 5

Soil Linked.

4.65M m3

of donor material currently available

6.48M m3

of receptor space available

400 +

active sites within our network

8500 +

active contacts

The benefits


    For a long time, industry experts have been calling for a national Materials Link Platform (MLP) to assist businesses achieve a more circular economy, as we target Net Zero. Soil Link’s free to use MLP, provides the vital link to enable the sustainable use of surplus soils and aggregates. Independent research by carbon specialists have found the Soil Link system helped carbon avoidance by 95% on one scheme when compared to landfill options.

    Soil Link doesn’t stop at environmental gains, it facilitates the opportunity for partners to benefit from significant commercial gains, once reserved for a select few. There are various avenues from which to make commercial gains, including eliminating hefty gate fees on muck away, importing quarried materials, reduced vehicle movements etc. Case studies and financial modelling can be made available at request.
  • Exposure to our network

    Soil Link is uniquely positioned to enable business to business transactions, often bridging the gap between competing companies to facilitate a common goal. Our network ranges from the private to public sector, construction to agriculture.
  • Keeping it simple

    From the conception of Soil Link, the team have worked tirelessly to ‘keep things simple’. Simply register your material and we will do the rest.

Get started

Register with us to unlock the potential value hidden in your project.