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The digital marketplace for Soils and Aggregates

Construction industry's platform of choice.

Soil Link is the UK’s largest digital platform dedicated to the circular economy within construction soils and aggregates. The platform enables users to identify sustainable alternatives to landfill via reuse and recycling, significantly reducing CO2e and the depletion of our natural resources. The benefits of using Soil Link’s Materials Exchange Platform include CO2e reduction, substantial cost savings and access to the UK’s largest database of materials.

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Soil Link is a platform to trade soils and aggregates. It is a centralised, digital hub for construction projects across the UK to register their surplus or required, soils and aggregates. Once a material has been listed on the marketplace, it is visible to the entire Soil Link database, where users are able to bid for the supply or removal of the material.

Soil Link promotes the adoption of initiatives, such as CL:AIRE via the DoW CoP. Used correctly, combining such tools with the Soil Link MEP, can yield significant and measurable environmental and social benefits as well as cost reductions commonly associated with landfill.

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4.65M m3

of donor material currently available

6.48M m3

of receptor space available

400 +

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Our users span the entire width and breadth of the construction industry, from major infrastructure projects though to residential developments as well as service operators including hauliers and recycling facilities. It is this user range and volume of users that makes Soil Link a powerhouse in the drive towards a circular economy and the sustainable use of soils and aggregates.

Users can rest assured; all commercially sensitive information is limited to the intended recipient. This will include bid values and specific company information.

Example based on certified topsoil:

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