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Soil Link’s Materials Exchange Platform is Live!

We are delighted to announce the official launch of Soil Link’s digital Materials Exchange Platform (MEP). Just in time for the earthworks season to kick in! The MEP has been developed to enable users to trade soils and aggregates through our Soil Link marketplace.
Having spent over a year developing the Soil Link MEP, we’re confident you’ll be keen to have a go on the platform and see how it can directly benefit you. Especially because it facilitates a circular economy, benefitting users with significant commercial savings and environmental benefits, including reduction of CO2 emissions.
During the platform development process, we’ve had significant involvement from the major players in the UK construction sector, including Tier 1 contractors, top 10 residential developers, suppliers and major projects. It’s fantastic to see these companies already adopting Soil Link to support their businesses, some on a national scale.
You are invited to register and have a look around the platform, it’s free to sign up and there’s zero commitment until you’re ready to start doing deals.
All the best,
Will & Kobe – Soil Link’s Founders

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