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Record High in Recycled Aggregates Volume in Britain

The volume of construction aggregates from recycled and secondary sources in Britain has reached a record high, with 73.5 million tonnes in 2022, as cited in a report by the Mineral Products Association (MPA)

The report highlights the industry’s commitment to resource recovery and efficient reuse, contributing over 30% of the country’s total demand for aggregates. Various materials such as construction, demolition, and industrial by-products are processed to meet technical specifications, showcasing the industry’s dedication to circular economy principles.

However, despite the record recycling figures, primary aggregates still make up 70% of the country’s demand, calling attention to a need for the industry to balance the use of primary and recycled materials efficiently.

Soil Link has a major part to play in increasing the percentage of recycled aggregates by connecting the UK’s construction industry via our Materials Exchange Platform (MEP). Contractors, developers and groundworkers can list excess or requirements for soils and aggregates on Soil Link’s digital marketplace. This enables other construction sites to see at a glance what’s available and buy or sell recycled materials based on their current need. This method not only supports building a circular economy but is also much more cost effective and efficient than traditional methods.

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