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How to benefit from Soil Link’s £1 million giveaway

We are rewarding you, our founding users, with £1 million worth of Soil Link credit. That means zero commission or fees will be added to deals made on the Soil Link platform up to the value of £1,000,000.

To benefit from this incredible offer you need to register as a user on the Soil Link Materials Exchange Platform (MEP) , list your requirements and complete your deal.

Don’t delay because the £1 million worth of Soil Link credit is being used up with each deal that’s completed so the pot is getting smaller and smaller, therefore you need to get your listings online and deals done.

Below is a 4 step guide to help you get your listings up and deals completed to maximise this zero commission offer:

Step 1 – Register as a Soil Link user

Complete the registration form and create your account. You will be sent a verification email to complete this process.

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Step 2 – Assign your user account to a company

This step must be completed in order to add listings and bid on deals.

In the Company Setting click in the drop down list in the Assign Yourself to a Company section and if your company is listed go ahead and assign yourself to it. If it’s not listed you will need to Create a New Company – see below.

To Create a New Company add the company name in the Create New Company section and complete the details. There are a number of steps to add a new company which must all be completed to enable you to list and bid.

To list and bid on material, it is essential to complete all company information and assign users to the company.

The level of detail required to add a company is essential to ensure legitimate companies are being created. In addition, it provides information to listers to help them to make informed decisions when selecting a winning bid. All company information required is publicly available.

REMEMBER: Once you have created your new company profile, you need to assign yourself to it as a user.

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Step 3 – Create a Listing

There are 3 steps to complete in order to publish your listing on the Soil Link marketplace:

  1. Overview & Project Details
  2. Operational & Material Details
  3. Accept the Terms & Conditions

Step 4 – Accept a Bid

Once your listing has reached its close date you will have access to your bids at 5pm. When you choose a suitable bid and your deal is complete you will be charged £0 commission, until the £1 million giveaway has been used up.

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If you’d like help at any point in this process our support team are available on or 01293 222 622. 

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